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Wynn, Scott Thomson Middle
Dykes, Dustin Assistant Principal of Instruction
Moore, Jami Assistant Principal

Albrecht, Rebecca 8th Grade Social Studies
Bailey, Dellissima Special Education Teacher
Baker, Alissa Social Studies
Bolden, Patricia English Language Arts Teacher
Bowie, Deborah 6th Math/Science SPED
Cape, Leigh Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Clay, Latasha 8th grade Math
Coggins, Amanda 6th Grade Math
Coody, Cheryl Special Educaiton Teacher
Copeland, Priscessa Speech Therapist
Counselman, Darron Science Teacher 7th grade
Draper, Sarah English Language Arts Teacher
Eliopolo, Winifred Thomson Middle School
English, Myra Special Education ELA Teacher
Ervin, Alecia English Language Arts/6th Grade
Ferguson, Leshan Gifted Dept. Chair, 8th Grade Gifted Science, STEM Coordinator
Fleming, Erica World Geography Teacher
Ford, Kenneth Thomson Middle Agriculture
Fulton, Tracy Language Arts 7th Grade
Golden, Jessica Engineering & Technology Education Teacher
Grane, Phylliss 6th Grade Science
Hall, Amber Special Education Department Chair
Harris, Meagan 8th grade ELA teacher
Harris, Thalassia English Langauge Arts Teacher
Hartman, Paul Physical Education Teacher
Herron, Lianne Band Director
Holt, Kevin Social Studies Teacher
Hunt, Bridgett Thomson Middle 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Ivory, Mark Physical Education
Jackson, Mike Media Specialist
Jackson, Rutha Social Studies Teacher
Jones, Katherine Physical Education Teacher
Kersey, Marla 6th Grade Math
Kincer, Stacey Reading Connections
Leary, Nicole Thomson Middle
Lee, Susan English Language Arts Teacher
Maddox, Christopher Choral Director
Manns, Cheryl 6th Grade Social Studies
McMillan, Terra Science Teacher/STEM Coordinator/Science Department Chair
Moore, Jami Assistant Principal
Patterson, Mahannah Thomson Middle
Peck, Erin 7th Grade World Geography and Math
Phelps, Travis Science Teacher
Rady, Michael Special Education Teacher
Rambo, Cliff Special Education Teacher - GNETS
Ray-Riley, Sabrina Thomson Middle/Special Educational Teacher
Reeves, Michellie Special Education Teacher
Reid, Sharol Science Teacher
Shelley, Karen 7th Grade Mathematics
Sikes, Joseph Computers Teacher
Starvetsky, Shiri Math Teacher
Thigpen, Debra Math Teacher
Tinsley, Kimberly Science Teacher
Tucker, Rhonda Math Teacher
Turner, Romonica English Language Arts Teacher
Vickers, Maxalan Physical Education Teacher
Walker, Melissa School Counselor
Walton, Jennifer Science teacher

Chadwick, Alesia Parent Involvement Coordinator
Garrett, Anita Food Service Manager
Hoagland, Christine Paraprofessional
Hoffman, Kristin Paraprofessional
Jordan, Hellaine Paraprofessional
Morris, Stephanie ISS Teacher
Pickle, Kellie Paraprofessional

BROOKS, ALICIA Thomson Middle
Coggins, Amanda 6th Grade Math
OLTHOFF, JENNIFER Attendance Clerk
Peck, Erin 7th Grade World Geography and Math